Aarusha Smart Energy LLP

About Aarusha

We are Aarusha Smart Energy LLP

Aarusha Smart Energy LLP (ASEL), having its registered office at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, is promoted by founder director of our flagship company NEETY EURO ASIA SOLAR ENERGY, (NEASE Group) and has Pan India presence into solar business domain since 2010.

NEETY EURO ASIA SOLAR ENERGY (NEASE) is a leading Solar PV Modules manufacturing company, based in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India also known as NEASE serving to various customers including premier Govt. organization's like IOCL, NTPC, ONGC, Ministry of Energy, Gujarat for SKY & KUSUM Projects, REDA, GEDA, MEDA etc.

The directors of Aarusha Smart Energy LLP are first generation entrepreneurs having more than 10 years’ experience in field of Solar in domestic as well as International market.

After considerable usage and research in the Solar Renewable Energy field of Inverters, Aarusha has forayed into bringing the latest technology of Smart inverters with world class components under 'Make in India' program encouraged by the Govt. of India.

Our R&D Team

Aarusha treats product quality as its life & technical innovation as its driving force. It has fostered a professional and experienced, leading, high-level & strong independent innovation capability R&D team. Aarusha has about 5 professional R&D employees who have more than 10 years PV industry experience, and are engaged with many scientific research institutions such as ISC Konstanz, Fraunhofer ISE, Konstanz University, Zhejiang University, and Solar valley, Mitte Deutschland, etc.

Aarusha provides high-quality PV Inverters to residential projects, commercial projects, factory projects at the domestic and in overseas market and all our products have been certified by IEC and CQC for a series professional certificates such as IEC61727, IEC60068, IEC61683, IEC62093, IEC 62109, IEC 62116, EN 61000 etc., and a few other certificates for countries such as Belgium, Greek, Turkey, Poland, Mexico, Italy, South Korea, Thailand, Netherlands, and Denmark have also been included into 2020 certification plans. After having explored the PV industry for so many years, Aarusha has plans to export its Inverters more than 40 countries and highly admired and recognized by our customers.

Production Capacity & Scale

Aarusha has 7000 SQM of land in Gujarat, with a factory area about 20000 SQF for assembling line, through the strict production management, normalized operation, rigorous quality test, and intelligent information management to realize intelligent, scale, and clustering of whole industrial chain development.

Our planned monthly production capacity is up to 2000 to 2500 sets. 1200-1500 sets of ASEL 1~6kW single-phase series, 700-900 sets ASEL 6~25kW smart three-phase and 100-200 sets ASEL 30~60kW & 80-125kw industrial three-phase series, and the planned production capacity will ensure timely delivery to face the continues explosion growth of PV industry. In the meantime, our company has made a strategic plan to start full production of Inverters to double its annual production capacity by the year 2023.

Values & Quality Management

At Aarusha, product quality inspection starts from raw material stage to finished product & has not only set a series of strict, integrated quality control systems; but also has the most advanced testing laboratory to carry out a series of rigorous tests on batches of products, and systems for tracking the quality of finished products. Years of tempering and exercising has formed the first impression of Aarusha, who have started at the source to build the foundation of our quality, including selection of world-class famous brand components, and building

Aarusha Brand Inverter having Best of the Best design, sturdy build to withstand hostile environment, craftsmanship for good looks and integrated related quality inspection processes.

Strategic Partners

Since, Aarusha treats product quality as its life the high-quality components guarantee the quality and reliability of our products.

The raw materials including electronic components, mechanism materials, and other auxiliary materials are 100% supplied by world-renowned brands such as Panasonic, Infineon, Texas Instruments, SiTime, etc. who are famous for their quality and cutting-edge technology in the world.
Inductors/Capacitors: EPCOS, Nichicon, NCC, KEMET, Panasonic
Connectors/Switches: Santon, Wieland, OMRON, ZETTLER, MC4, Panasonic
IC’s:SiTime, Texas Instruments, AVAGO, ON Semiconductor, Infineon, VAC, FAIRCHILD

Benefits & What We Offer

With strong background and experience in Solar for over 10 years, Aarusha Smart Energy LLP has forayed to launch World Class Solar Inverters which are smart and highly efficient. Aarusha has smart string Inverters in the range of 3 kW to 75 kW and aims to have a Pan-India presence. Aarusha offers truly advanced, smart & world-Class Inverters, considering high fluctuations in input Ac voltage synonymous to our domestic set up. Aarusha offers the widest range of operations in Ac voltage to enable & achieve optimized output.

Aarusha believes in local manufacturing and aims to provide 48 hours Local Service to its valued customers. At Aarusha Customers always come first and we believe that our customers deserve the best.

Aarusha offers a smart choice of Solar Inverters to the Indian Consumers. We offer top-notch quality products at best affordable price backed up by our superior local Service set up. Since Inception, the importance of 'Make in India Inverters with best support services has been envisaged by Aarusha Smart Energy LLP and hence is in high demand for various State Govt. Tenders and large Projects.

Aarusha's Vision

Aarusha’s vision is to develop & offer reliable, eco-friendly and economic renewable energy solutions for the ever-changing needs of society, to develop solutions for the future and to share these solutions with broader groups by operating effectively in the national and global renewable energy market.

Aarusha’s vision is not only to be an excellent string Inverter R&D and manufacturing enterprises; but also to be good at the development of "energy management". As a gateway, the Inverter forms a part of the smart power grid family which distributes the energy in a network, which finally realizes the "smart energy management".

We have recognized that solar power has emerged as the mainstay of power supply technology and would be contributing significantly to the future energy mix all over the world. Aarusha is fully committed to contributing to innovation and growth in renewable energy across the globe with our partners.

Strategic Partners